Work Life Balance (ish)

Balance?  What’s that?

We all know that the work life balance is the bane of an Enrepreneur’s existance.  It takes SO long to get into grove of our work and then, once we’re in the zone, BAM, your toddler barges in and asks for a drink of milk (from the pink cup).  Then in walks the 15 year old.  She wants to talk.  And you’ve been wanting to connect with her for ages and you know if you let this opportunity slip by it may never come again…  So you bite your tongue, say “come in” and grit your teeth through the next 15 minutes of rambling nothingness.  You think you’ve done the right thing, but you’re kid knows you weren’t fully present with her, so you watch her walk away with regret before you turn back to the work you really need to get done… because girl, Mama needs a paycheck!

Don’t worry.  I’m not going to tell you to “cherish every moment” because “tomorrow they’ll be grown”.  That’s bull.  As much as I would love to do nothing but shower my kids with affection and life lessons, I’m a single mom.  The comfortable roof over my children’s head, the food on their table, and the ability to have a mother without a chronic eye twitch means that I HAVE TO WORK.  I need to sit down and like, create stuff.

And no… much to my chagrin, eating ice cream while I talk about whatever I want isn’t actually creating anything… other than an increasing waistline.

BUT, after pounding my head up against the wall for a while, I finally figured something out!  I need a PLAN!  Well, there’s a lot more to it than that, but just flying by the seat of my pants doesn’t work for long term success (mind blown).

So I created something to help me!  And I’d love to share it with you ❤

Weekly Content Planner

This, my friends, is my weekly content calendar.  It’s simple, it’s pretty, and it’s exactly what I need to help me focus on what my heart wants to share with you.  Isn’t it pretty??? Just click the image below to download it :)  Have fun creating!


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