8 Weeks to Awesome Week 1 Meal Plan

10 weeks ago I started an 8 Weeks to Awesome Facebook group and, with the support of the lovely ladies there, I tried to lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks.

I didn’t.

I lost 8.  Mostly because of my tonsillectomy.

But I’m actually totally cool with it and loved the group so much that I’m starting another round today!  Want in?  Click the image below for exclusive recipes, exercise tips, motivation, and access to our private Facebook Group.


My goals are pretty simple, portion control and daily movement (MMA as much as possible because it makes me happy).

So here’s my meal plan for the week.  I’m not fussed about which day gets what, and I may end up repeating stuff, but I do like to have options.


Snack – I’m going to stick with fruit, vegetables, sugar free Jello, and the occasional string cheese or caffeinated soda (Mama needs to stay awake!)  Regardless, I’m going to try to keep it under 100-200 calories.

Lunch – I really can’t do the 3 gourmet meals a day thing.  Mama ain’t got time for that!  I’m going to try to keep lunches to leftovers, salads, or crusts from my children’s sandwiches.


My workouts for the week

  • Monday – Muay Thai and BJJ
  • Tuesday – Heavy Bag Workout or running (5-6 miles)
  • Wednesday – Running or BJJ (4-6 miles)
  • Thursday – Muay Thai and BJJ
  • Friday – Muay Thai or BJJ
  • Saturday – Running (3-5 miles)
  • Sunday – Off/walking/yoga (ok, not yoga… I hate yoga).

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