Screw Fear – Screw Procrastination

Yesterday, I was listening to Think and Grow Rich for Women And heard something that really resonated with me.

The author was was talking about procrastination. Something I struggle with. She said procrastination is the opposite of decision and rather than avoiding the negative feelings associate with a particular action, procrastination actually CREATES those negative feelings. Instead of looking forward to a feeling of accomplishment, you dread the action itself, then dread it because you dread it.

I need to stop it.

I put off things all the time.  Lately I’ve been dreading sharing all of my plans and ideas with you.  Because even though I’m confident in the things I am creating, and even though I have the skills and knowledge necessary to help people…I dread it because I keep thinking one of my friends or family members will see all of my programs and challenges and think “there she goes again, trying some new thing. She needs to just keep her head down and be normal. Besides, her life is a mess, what makes her think she can help other people in their lives?”

Yup. I said it. My life is a mess. But you know what, I don’t care that my life is a mess. I’m very happy, secure in my self-worth, and I have focus and a clear direction.

And that happiness isn’t dependent on other people’s actions. Even the people in my own home. Sure, I get pissed off, and lose my temper. My feelings are hurt and I cry. But if someone asks, “are you happy?” I can honestly, without reservation, say YES!

That can’t be said for most people. So yes. I AM equipped to help other people through their messy lives! Life IS MESSY! And the more we pretend it’s supposed to be pretty the messier it gets.

So, no. I won’t keep my head down. Running this coaching/mentoring biz is HOW I clean up my messy, beautiful, exciting, and turbulent life.

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