Screw Fear!

I almost lost a client!

See this gorgeous woman right here? I almost didn’t let myself take this picture. I almost chickened out of this session. I had recently moved my studio upstairs and she was going to be my first client in the new space. I spent my entire weekend painting my entry way, organizing my new studio space, and getting my home ship shape and Bristol fashion. I was ridiculously excited to christen my new studio. I woke up the next morning in a crazy funk. I was grumpy and snappish at my kids, I didn’t want to go to the gym to train, and at t-minus 60 minutes, I almost called and canceled the session. Then I realized why I was having such a bad day.

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I was afraid.

Like most of us, I have moments of paralyzing insecurity. This particular day, my old high school fears of social interaction and inadequacy were rearing their ugly heads.

What if my kids don’t stay outside? What if my lights don’t work right? What if I say something stupid? What if I talk too much? What if I don’t talk enough? What if I have a booger hanging out of my nose? What if I have bad breath? What if my camera breaks or I can’t focus right or if she’s not comfortable enough with me to give me a genuine expression?

My head was swarming with negative self-talk and I was leaving a mess of grumpiness in my wake. Fortunately a tiny voice broke through the cacophony of self-hatred and said, “Um, you do know that you are a really great photographer, right? What on earth makes you think you can’t give this woman what she is paying for? Why are you so afraid?”

I ended up rocking the session (as I knew, deep down, I would) and giving this wonderful client, as she described, the best head shots she’d ever had.  Immediately after she left I gave my kids a happy squeeze, and ran out the door to train for an hour of Jiu Jitsu.

And I almost missed all of that fabulousness because I was afraid.

Fear doesn’t always look like fear

Fear doesn’t always look like you think it should. Fear doesn’t look like someone biting their fingernails, quaking in their boots and covering their eyes (or in my children’s case, their ears). Sometimes fear (especially deep, paralyzing fear) looks like anger, a craving for sweets, or an uncontrollable compulsion to clean your house and paint your entry way. Sometimes fear is dressed up as perfectionism and unattainable expectations.

The Challenge

Right after this experience, I took to Facebook and publicly challenged myself to confront and move past my fears.  It was an incredibly enlightening and empowering experience and I want to invite you to join with me as I do it again.

No gimmicks.  No downloads.  Just short, simple action steps that can help us give fear a strong right hook!

Click the image below to sign up for my free 5 day Challenge to Screw Fear, and embrace the power that fear/worry/anxiety/insecurity is sucking out of you.  Throw off those awful chains!

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