Say Love {Guest Post and Giveaway}


Boy do I have a treat for you today!  Hilary Weeks has just released a new album, Say Love.  Those of us who know and love Hilary Weeks remember fondly her stories of the clicker (awesome) and her song (and tear-jerking video) Beautiful Heartbreak.  You can expect the same wonderful spirit and beauty from Say Love.

Awesome, right?  In celebration of her new album I have Hilary Weeks here to tell us a little story about Say Love.  Take it away Hilary!


Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt talks about noticing the parables in our lives.  It’s a cool concept, don’t ya think?  The experiences we have are like parables – they can teach us about our Heavenly Father, our lives and ourselves.

I recently thought of a parable in my life…

I had just finished writing and recording the new Say Love CD.  Completing an album is quite similar to giving birth to a child.  It took me about nine months to create the CD.  There were times I really, really wanted to be done!  When it was finished, I thought it was wonderful and I hoped people would like it as much as I do.  This particular CD-child was very difficult to deliver.  I’d definitely call it a C-section.

I sang the last note of the last song on July 5th.  The next day, our family drove four hours away to Zion’s National Park for a week of vacation.  Monday, July 8th, I received a phone call from my producer.

“Hilary, I can’t believe this, but we forgot to have you sing the bridge of Brave.

“We did?”


“Oh, you have to be kidding me.”

“Wish I were.”

I was in the middle of no where – with the closet studio being two hours away!  I had barely begun our family vacation!  I didn’t want to drive four hours round-trip to a studio in St. George to sing two words of a bridge!  (Yes, you heard me right…TWO WORDS!!)  I actually asked the producer if someone else could sing it for me!  There had to be someone in Provo who sounded like me.  But that simply was not going to work.  It had to be me and I was going to have to drive four hours for five minutes of singing in the studio.

My husband went with me.  (Talk about deserving “Husband of the Year.”)  We drove to the studio, I sang the two words and we drove back.

Now the CD was finished.

What did I learn from that parable?

Don’t quit.

Finish what you start (even if you are tired and don’t want to.)

Be willing to go the extra mile for something that is important (or in this case, the extra 200 miles!)

Take a friend with you – it makes the journey so much nicer.  (I took my best friend, my husband.)

Laugh about it.

Learn from it.

And last but not least…take notes in the studio and make a to do list so you don’t forget to sing two words before leaving to go out of town.



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