Longing For Home {Review and Giveaway}

Jane Austin is arguably the best romance author in the history of the English language, if not the world.  Alas, her genre fell by the way side as it was co-opted in the modern century by authors who peddled lust and depravity in the name of “romance”.  You know what I’m talking about, books with Fabio-like men and scantily clad women on the cover lining the book isle of your local grocery store.  Then we have fifty hues of nasty topping book charts all over the place.

Shadow Mountain (one of my favorite publishers) has taken it upon themselves to take the romance genre back from the smut mongers with their Proper Romance novels.

This new brand of “proper” romance allows readers to enjoy romance at its very best—and at its cleanest—portraying everything they love about a passionate, romantic novel, without busting corsets or bed scenes.


Sara M. Eden is an author of historical romance novels of the Proper Romance variety.  In Longing For Home she combines her love of history and love stories.  Katie Macauley takes a job in Hope Springs for the sole purpose of earning enough money to go back to Ireland and rejoining the family she hasn’t seen since she was eight.  Still haunted by her sister’s death, Katie struggles to find herself in this new land.  After discovering the bitter hatred of the Irish in Hope Springs, Katie finds herself at the center of a struggle that has been going on for years, and standing as a beacon of hope for the oppressed Irish settlers.  Her arrival in Hope Springs causes just as much conflict in her own soul as it does within the town.  Confronted with the horrors of her past, Katie has to fight against the instincts that have helped her survive all these years so that she can open up to others and heal.  Along the way she finds herself torn between the affections of two, equally good men.  Should she continue her lifelong dream of returning to Ireland and her family, or follow a new dream of a life with with her new “family” in Hope Springs?


Woven in with a beautiful love story are smatterings of Irish history and early American history… and you know how I love history :)  We had just learned about the Irish Potato Famine in school (so the timing of this review couldn’t have been better) and it was fascinating to read about the kinds of things that would have happened to a poor Irish farming family at the time.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best way to teach is with STORIES!

Longing For Home is definitely a “proper” romance!  Passion, turmoil, love triangles, tragic back stories and NOTHING that would keep my ten year old from reading it.  The budding relationships between Katie and her gentlemanly suitors are wonderful to read.  I loved seeing Katie transform from a hardened and suspicious girl to a trusting and caring woman.  Having to face and share the horrible experiences of the famine and the strange and heartbreaking relationship with her parents make you ponder what it really means to be “family”, and what it means to truly love.  I have to admit, I was kind of rooting for the other guy but I was happy for Katie in the end regardless.  And I was extra happy when I learned that there is a sequel in the works!

If you want a copy of Longing For Home make sure you enter the rafflecopter giveaway!  If you don’t want to wait, for the rest of August (today and tomorrow) Longing for Home kindle edition is on sale for $7.99.

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  1. Edenbrooke, Sarah M Eden’s books, and Rachael Anderson’s books. I’m also enjoying Shannon Guymon’s books. Julianne Donaldson and all the other authors I have mentioned are AWESOME!!


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