Two-Toned Buffet Makeover

Do you remember my red buffet? Oh, how I love how it turned out. It matched my kitchen perfectly, too. A few months ago we took it upstairs to play the part of Lucy’s dresser.

Matt and I bought a solid wood buffet on Craigslist. The original owner didn’t love that I planned on refinishing it but hey, it’s mine now and I can do what I want :) It wasn’t an antique and it was beat up enough that I HAD to do something with it (which was kind of why I bought it in the first place). Last week I finally dragged it outside and gave her a makeover :)

I forgot to get before pics before I took the drawers out. As you can see it’s not a bad looking buffet, it has nice lines and beautiful hardware, but it’s certainly not in prime condition. I wanted to try my hand at a two toned look.



I started by sanding everything down with my palm sander.


I wanted to stain the top a darker color but the palm sander wasn’t enough to get down to bare wood. If I wanted to stain the top I was going to have to learn how to use my belt sander.


FYI, belt sanders are NO JOKE! This is one powerful machine! My hands were numb from the vibration and my arms were sore from holding it down. If I hadn’t held on tight it would have flown right off of the top of what I was sanding! It didn’t take long for me to realize I had NO idea what I was doing and sanded through the veneer. I showed Matt when he got home and he told me just to paint the top along with the rest of it. I told him I would sand the rest of the veneer off and see how the plywood treated me first.


Turns out the top was two different pieces of plywood that were totally different colors. SHEESH! But, I wasn’t ready to give up hope yet. I hoped that if I put on enough coats of the stain they would end up the same color… and I was right.


Once the top was finished it was time to paint the outside. I taped off the drawer guides and used plastic to protect the top and the inside of the cupboards.


I sprayed the body first and then switched colors before I sprayed the drawers and doors. After it dried I sanded the edges to let the dark wood show through, put one coat of polyurethane on the body and drawers, and three coats on the top. I left the hardware untouched because I thought they had aged so well.


What do you think? I LOVE how it turned out. The only problem is it doesn’t match my kitchen at all. Blue and white match a warm color scheme, right?


3 thoughts on “Two-Toned Buffet Makeover

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  1. I had to laugh about the person you bought it from not liking your plans to refinish it.
    It does look like a special piece, nice work! I love the shape and the hardware it came up beautiful.


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