Don't let this face fool you

You might think he’s a happy little boy


But he is thoroughly OUT of his comfort zone


Potty training is serious business for a three year old


Saturday morning we rolled up our carpets, stocked up our fridge with juice, convinced him convinced him that he had outgrown his diapers.  Our Saturday, Sunday, and Monday was filled with setting the timer, refilling sippy cups, handing out salty snacks, mopping up puddles, washing undies, and reading Once Upon a Potty more times than I want to admit.

But today we had a breakthrough!  My little boy came up to me while I was on the phone with my sister and said, “Mommy…. iya poppy!”  We’re not out of the woods yet but we are too far down this road to turn back now!

Potty training is one of those sensitive and heated issues that everyone has an opinion on.  I have very strong opinions on it as well.  I generally think that the earlier you start the longer the learning process will be; so I opt to wait until they are around three before I potty train them.  That being said, when my 30 lb three and a half year old is still refusing to even try on his superhero undies or sit on the pot my sleep deprived mommy brain says “ENOUGH!  I am NOT going to wait until you are five years old!  I’m DONE changing your diaper!  Dude you are just going to have to rough it for a while.  You’ll figure it out.”

And you know what?  He is.  He is figuring it out.  It may take him a little bit longer than his older siblings, but let’s face it; it’s takes Jack a little bit longer to do just about everything.

Here are the lessons I have learned this time around:

  • being able to roll up my carpets has been a huge life/time-saver
  • Sometimes kids just need a little push because they just couldn’t care less about certain things
  • Potty training takes time.  For some kids it takes time and a lot of trial and error to figure it out.
  • It doesn’t do you any good to be frustrated with kids who don’t get it as quickly.  It helps to remind yourself that they are having to use muscles they have never had to use before and retrain the instincts they have had for three years.  No small feat.
  • One weekend of TV, chips, juice, reeces pieces, and whatever other junk you deem necessary to keep him motivated will not kill you… though it may mess with your digestive system.
  • Siblings (especially older brothers suffering from “middle child syndrome”) may act out… which is SO not even kind of what you need while you are up to your elbows in pee and poo… but it helps to have a little compassion for the ignored children.
  • It also helps to have a full weekend with both parents at home.

Anyway, we are well on our way to being down to one set of diapers.  Whoop!

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