A Random Week

I figured out what was wrong with my camera and why it the autofocus wasn’t working.  After fixing it I read up on lenses at KenRockwell.com and decided that the first lens I wanted to buy was a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G AF-S.

I have REALLY loved it!  Everyone told me about how having a quality lens makes all of the difference but I don’t think I really understood what they meant until I actually had a quality lens.  My first thought after taking pictures with it was “where have you been all my life!?”.  The second thought was, “Wow!  I really need to get the 35mm”.  Since it’s a fixed lens, there is no zooming in or out.  That means if I want to capture more in the image I need to back up.  Not a big deal if I am outside… slightly bigger deal if I am inside and constrained by the walls of my house.  Cari from An Intentional Life warned me that would happen :)

Anyway, here are some random pictures of my week :) In a blast of inspiration I brought all of my sewing stuff downstairs and converted the sewing room in to a play room.  In the process of moving stuff around Lucy found a practice dress that I had sewn while I was trying to sew a regency inspired gown.  I said she could use it for dress up but she had to take the bodice apart from the skirt because I had sewn it inside out (good thing I practiced, huh?)  She fixed the dressed while I played with my camera :)  Win-win!


Here are the girls working together on some Teeny Tears bereavement diapers.


Emma pinned…


While Lucy sewed!




After a while Emma tried her hand at making a purse out of extra fleece that we had on hand.



Spencer sure loves his brother…


And his brother loves him back.


We ordered pizza on Wednesday night and someone gave Henry more than just crust.


These were all taken with my old zoom lens.

Laundry day :)



Bath day :)


As you can see, the difference between the fixed lens and the zoom lens is pretty striking!


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