Mr. Fix-it

Spencer is a very busy boy.  When he’s not running around at full speed he is building things and taking things apart.  Most of the time it’s harmless, other times I find it an incredibly frustrating habit of his.  He’s not dangerous, just destructive.  He always needs to touch, feel, and figure out how things work.  A few months ago I tuned our piano and had to grit my teeth while he looked inside the piano innards, and moved around the pedals and hammers, and plucked at the strings (though I wouldn’t let him anywhere near the tuning hammer).  I am trying very hard to strike a balance between encouraging his curiosity and natural mechanical inclinations and keeping him from ruining our stuff!  It’s not easy.

Today my white knuckled encouragement has finally paid off!

I have a karaoke machine that I bought several years ago.  When we moved here I plugged it in so I could  listen to a CD but it wouldn’t turn on.  I tucked it in to the corner of an unused room and promptly forgot about it until today.  As I was rearranging the bedrooms upstairs I saw it and took it to Matt.

“My karaoke machine doesn’t work anymore.  I can’t even turn it on.  I figured I would have you take a look at it before I threw it out.”

“Ok,” Matt said without looking up from his studies.

An hour or so later Spencer came over and said, “Mom, I know why your music box wasn’t working.  The red switch in the back was switched up and it needed to be switched down.  Now it works perfectly.”  He then went in to the hallway where I had left it, plugged it in, and turned it on.  Sure enough, my five year old son had fixed my karaoke machine!

I think I’ll keep him :)


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