Swept Up By The Sea {Review}

I have read (and reviewed) SO many political, educational, historical, and theological books over the last year (which may account for the fact that I can’t seem to have a more than a five minute conversation with someone and not bring up “the issues”).  People are always asking for good book recommendations and I have to go through a mental checklist of criteria before I can recommend anything I have read recently.  Thanks to Swept Up by the Sea I have a book I can recommend to everyone!


Percival Taylor is the childish and spoiled young man who’s obliviousness and vanity can only be matched by the lovely Tuppence Magrathia-Paddock, the Governor’s daughter.  Percival is convinced his destiny lies at sea while the sheltered and overdramatic Tuppence longs to be the heroine of one of her pirate romance novels.  After a chance meeting, the pair are convinced they are destined to be together… unfortunately Vestia, Percival’s intended bride has other plans.  Determined to shake off the shackles of his former life, Percival sets off for a life of adventure and heroism at sea that is sure to impress his beloved Tuppence.  Unfortunately, no seaman worth his salt will let such a feathered peacock near a boat.  But, through his sheer grit and tenacity (or stubbornness and luck) he manages to scrape together a sorry looking ship and a bare bones crew.  With their help he can now play the part of a ship’s captain and set off for adventure.

Swept Up by the Sea was an enjoyable read sure to delight.  Tuppence and Percival are quite the pair!  They are both so utterly ridiculous and feel that they are far more important and exciting in their own minds than they are in reality.  In addition to the members of the love triangle are a handful of likable people, each with their own interesting and sympathetic back story.  I was impressed with how well Tracy and Laura Hickman were able to write such a funny and silly book and yet have it also be so eloquent.  Mixed in with the absurd characters is a cute love story, and while there are no real “bad guys” you quickly find your favorite characters and find yourself rooting for them.  I also enjoyed the subtle blend of fantasy creatures and accurate nautical vernacular.

Swept Up by the Sea was described to me as “Pirates of Penzance meets Princess Bride”.  I think that is very apt description.  It’s a very cute story and is good clean family fun.



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