Simply West of Heaven: A Ginnie West Adventure {Review}

Several months ago a wrote some reviews for author Monique Bucheger.  Secret Sisters Club and Trouble Blows West are both wonderful books for girls ages 9 and up.  The third Ginnie West Adventure, Simply West of Heaven, is another excellent story about Ginnie and her family.


Still fuming from Todd confiscating the journals from the mother she never knew, Ginnie starts to imagine the worst.  What is her dad trying to hide?  Ginnie finds out soon enough and nothing in her imagination could have prepared her for it!  While Ginnie is trying to sort out her family’s confused history, Tillie is coming to terms with her own inner-demons; which turn out to run far deeper than anyone could have imagined.  To top it off, Ginnie’s Uncle is thrown a curve-ball that no one could have predicted.  One thing is for sure, by summer’s end the West family will never be the same.

All three of these books are well written and captivating.  Even though these books are clearly written for children my daughter’s age, I was engaged the entire time.  The characters are emotional and real to life.  I see the same kind of behavior in my children and I’m really looking forward to seeing Ginnie and Tillie mature as the series continues.  The children’s personalities are all so very different so that I’m sure it would be easy for anyone to be able to find a character they can relate to.  I find myself relating well to Uncle Ben, the patriarch of the West family, but maybe that is just my wishful thinking :)

Monique continues to amaze me with her ability to gently handle issues that far to many children have to deal with these days.  From the death of loved ones to abuse and broken families, Monique has a gift that allows her to tackle these types of issues and more with tenderness and love.  Those of us who have been blessed enough not to have to live through some of life’s tragedies are able to better understand the minds and hearts of those who have.  While those who have been hurt by death and abuse find compassion, love, understanding, and best of all, the knowledge that they are not alone.  Unconditional love, honesty and personal responsibility are continuing themes in these books as well as the knowledge that even though life doesn’t always work out the way you planned there is a right and a wrong way to handle almost every problem that comes your way.  Family, friends, and a strong faith are all you need to help lead you to the right choice.

I highly recommend the Ginnie West Adventure Series to children, especially girls ages 10 and up.  But don’t just hand them over to your daughter to read, YOU need to read them to.  Read them together and talk about the subjects in them so that when you see these things happening around you, your family will be able to reach out and help.

Today if you buy the Simply West of Heaven ebook you get the first two in the series (plus a ton of other ebooks) for free!  Check out Monique’s blog for more details.



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