If it’s not one thing…

We had two successful potty days with Emma (we bought her a big princess horse from Walmart, if she goes in the toilet she can play with it, if she has an accident it gets taken away). Then yesterday morning she told me she didn’t get enough sleep so I told her she could stay in bed. She has done nothing but sleep and throw up for the last 40 hours. Poor kid. She’s so hungry but can’t keep anything down. It’s all I can do to give her a sippy of water, but she can’t keep water down either. All of my towels and blankets are in the wash since she is too little to make it to the toilet. She’s got huge dark bags under her eyes. I have never felt so sorry for my poor baby. But she doesn’t seem to be in any pain and she doesn’t have a fever. She’s just really tired and has no energy (big surprise, considering she basically hasn’t eaten in 40 hours).

On another note. My treadmill broke again. It’s all wonkey. After 30 minutes of a user-program it changes the elevation and speed randomly. This happened about 4 or 5 months ago and everything but the motor was replaced to get it to work again. Then on Wednesday, it happened again. They swapped the console for a new one. But now it says that it’s going slower than it actually is. I tried running at 5 mph which is a good warm up pace for me and I just about died it was so fast. Then I tried it at the pace I usually walk at and I had to run. Sheesh!

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